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Authentic Pilates Certification & Training in Ann Arbor, MI

Our program, the first of its kind, is excited to bring our comprehensive certification to the Ann Arbor, MI! We know that choosing your education partner is an important process and we think you should know who you are about to be in a career building relationship with. The course you are about to register for is comprehensive, spanning nine weekends together, we leave absolutely nothing out. We cover ethics, professionalism, pathologies, anatomy, alignment protocols, all of the exercises, safety, tactile cueing, common mistakes, regressions, progressions, modifications, beginner, intermediate, advanced, program development, client retention, interview protocol, studio protocol, equipment maintenance… it’s all there.

We want you to be hirable at any studio, anywhere.

Kristin Schley, faculty for Pure Body Teacher Training and the Anatomy Teacher for PBTT has been teaching for many years and brings her thoughtful approach to the classical work and anatomy expertise to each course she teaches.


PBTT is a very comprehensive teacher training program. As such, our students and graduates are prepared for nearly any situation that might arise in a Pilates studio. It takes about one year to complete a course. That said, often our students have full-time jobs or other time constraints, in which case they are welcome to take longer to finish their program. Many of our students are working as apprentice teachers while completing their hours.

Required: 600 hours of combined observation, student teaching and practice. Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 at a college level or equivalent before the practicum. We have a course that meets this requirement – see our registration page for information on The Lab | Anatomy or see our FAQ page for a way to do the anatomy requirement for free. You may begin your hours as soon as you register.


Foundations (Virtual Modules): March 25, 2pm-6:30pm, 26th 10a-2:30pm, 27th 10am-2:30pm Eastern time (all other times listed below*)
Mat I: May 13-15
Mat II: June 3-5
Reformer I: Sept 9-11
Apparatus I: Oct 14-16
Reformer II: Nov 11-13
Apparatus II: Dec 9-11
Apparatus III: Jan 13-15
Reformer III: Feb 10-12

All other days Friday and Sat from 1-7pm and Sunday from 10am-4pm

Early registration through 1/25
$6299 or $700 for 9 months

As of 1/26, Registration $6599
Payment Plan (student loan): $800 for 9 months