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Experienced, Knowledgeable, Expert

All of The Pilates Barn instructors are classically trained through the United States Classical Pilates Certification. The certification, the first and oldest professional Pilates training program in the world, requires over 600 hours of rigorous training.

Emily Copeland
Heather Dupuis
Maia Farrar
Patty Kersch
Lauren Kramer
Lara Kross
Angela Loudermilk
Sammie Anderson-Magiera
Melissa Walcott
Liz Woodard-Gilbert
Michelle LaRue
Katie Maurer
Ghadi Hindi
Lauren Casanova Morris
Caleb Brudi

Emily is a Registered Dietitian (RD), ACE Certified Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT) and Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach.

She has 11 years of coaching experience, beginning in her undergraduate days at the University of Kansas, working at the student rec center while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (2010). She’s worked with clients of all ages and walks of life including new & returning exercisers, weekend warriors, marathoners, body builders, and gymnasts. As a coach, Emily strives to understand each clients’ unique needs and provide individualized programming and health education they can trust. She encourages her clients to find joy in movement. She believes that, most often, the best physical activity is the one you enjoy the most!

She completed a Master’s of Public Health in Nutrition Science (2020) and her Dietetic Internship from the University of Michigan. Since passing her exam to become a board certified Registered Dietitian (2021), she helps her clients feel and perform at their best by working together to find practical ways to fuel the life they want to live.

Emily loves staying active herself with resistance training, running, playing tennis, and dancing (on the stage and off!). She lives with her husband and two kitty cats, Buffa and Max.


  • American Council on Exercise Certified
  • Personal Trainer
  • American Council on Exercise Certified Group Exercise Instructor
    American Council on Exercise Fitness
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Yoga Fit, Level 1
  • TRX Certified Trainer

Heather is founder of The Pilates Barn & Wellness and a third generation classical Pilates instructor. She was first introduced to Pilates in 2006, and immediately knew she stumbled upon something special, something that wasn’t just another fitness fad.

Heather received her BA in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. Originally from the east coast of Canada, Heather spent her 20’s in Vancouver British Columbia where she could run, ride, blade, and play outside 12 months of the year! She always loved being active and motivating others to do the same. Her career in fitness started as a step instructor as a means of supporting her schooling. Soon after, she immersed herself into Spinning, Barre, personal training, and finally, in 2011, she completed a rigorous classical Pilates certification under the USPA, where she was certified under Brett Howard (2nd generation master instructor). After many years of working with multiple fitness modalities and methods, Pilates became the method that made most sense for a healthy functioning and strong body. Heather is passionate and focused on training the whole body opposed to body parts- starting deep into the powerhouse (core).

Heather has two decades of experience working with all body types from young athletes, aging adults, postpartum moms, and fat loss clients. As she has grown personally and professionally, her ideal client is someone who is ready to focus on a ‘healthy you’ opposed to quick body reformation in two months. Her belief is that the body must be treated as a whole, and that a healthy body and mind includes sufficient sleep, nutrition, exercise, and laughter.

Fun facts: Heather has two kids (Oscar [12] and Kate [10], a Doberman Pinscher [Stanley], and a husband [Carsten]. One of her favorite quotes is, “you’re only as young as your spine is flexible” (Joseph Pilates) And she loves to laugh. She really loves to laugh.


  • USPA Classical Pilates Certified
  • ACSM Personal Trainer Certified
  • Barre Intensity Certified Spinning Certified
  • ViPR Certified
  • Group Fitness Certified
Maia Farrar

Maia began her fitness career as a National Team athlete (2005-12) before turning to coach rowing and spring kayaking. In 2013 she began teaching group fitness and personal training to share her love of exercise and help people reach their fitness and competition goals. As a Lecturer at UM, former full-time athlete, and avid runner, Maia understands the need to balance training with work and life. When not working or teaching, Maia is training for multiple road races.”


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Spinning Certified
Patty Kersch

Patty teaches Pilates in private sessions, duets, and group classes. She believes Pilates is accessible for everybody and uses the method to help individuals strengthen deep stabilizing muscles to improve overall mobility, flexibility, and range of movement. Patty started doing Pilates while in Physical Therapy for a running-related hip injury and the core strength and hip flexibility she developed benefited her running and tennis as well as daily movement patterns. Patty works with all ages and levels customizing sessions based on goals of the client and aims for each person to feel great after practicing Pilates.

Patty is certified by The New York Pilates Studio under Brett Howard, Director of Education for the United States Pilates Association. Her training included over 700 hours of learning and teaching Classical Pilates and she continues her education through workshops and teacher training.


  • NY Pilates
  • CPR & AED
  • Barre Intensity

Lauren has a passion for improving your quality of life through fitness and nutrition. Fueled by caffeine and passion for the field, she challenges you to work outside of your comfort zone and to constantly push your limits.


  • USPA Classical Pilates Certified
  • NASM nutrition coach
  • Barre Intensity
  • 200 RYT
  • Spinning certified
Lara Kross

Lara graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Nutrition. She completed her Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. She has had over 10 years of experience working in an inpatient and outpatient hospital setting, counseling both adult and pediatric patients on a variety of nutrition needs including weight management, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and maternal and infant nutrition. In addition, she has been consulting for Vie since 2008, helping clients to achieve their personal nutrition goals. She enjoys working with clients to create healthy and realistic lifestyle changes using a non-diet approach to eating. Lara is an active member of the American Dietetic Association and the Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


  • B.S. in Psychology
  • Registered Dietitian (RD)
  • M.S. in Clinical Nutrition

Angela maintains certifications in Classical and Contemporary Pilates methods. She’s also a personal trainer, specializing in corrective exercise and enjoys helping people lose weight, move better, and create lasting change in their lives.

As a teen Angela worked as a receptionist in a health club, then taught group classes in college while pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit. After graduating she began her career in advertising, married and started a family. After having children she continued working as a marketing specialist and discovered Pilates to manage aches and pains associated with the repetitive nature of running and desk work. Her experience reignited her passion for working in health and fitness. In 2009 she entered into the STOTT® Pilates certification program, started working with coworkers during lunch breaks, and opened a small studio. She continued to learn and improve her own health, fitness, and body composition before transitioning to training and coaching clients one-to-one.

Angela has experience with clients of various ages and abilities, including those new, or returning to exercise, post rehab, and even professional athletes. She enjoys helping people explore new strategies to break through barriers that have been holding them back from achieving their goals…Whether that’s losing 5-pounds or 55 to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes… Having more energy and modeling an active lifestyle for their children… Preparing to travel and hike mountains in retirement… She loves helping clients find what works best for their body, their lifestyle, and their goals so they can achieve and maintain the results they desire.

Angela resides in Dexter, Michigan with her husband John, and two pups Marcus and Gunner. She enjoys traditional strength training, hiking, running, and practicing Pilates.


  • USPA Classical Pilates
  • STOTT® Contemporary Pilates
  • Precision Nutrition, PN1
  • Barre Intensity trained
  • TRX® qualified
  • American Red Cross
  • CPR, AED & First Aid
  • Next insured
Sammie Anderson-Magiera

From an early age, Sammie has been drawn to holistic approaches to health. She learned Reiki (Level 1) at the age of 19, which led to an interest in massage and craniosacral therapy. Completing over 800 hours of study at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, Sammie became specialized in dealing with migraines and headaches through the use of craniosacral techniques. Combining her training and knowledge in trauma with her expertise in anatomy, she unwinds the nervous system and releases fasciae of the skull, spine, and pelvis. Through recently becoming certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, her vision is to create a unique blend of using food as medicine with healing bodywork.

In addition to bodywork, Sammie studies Dietetics at Eastern Michigan University, and performs aerial silks at local events and festivals.


  • Licensed in Massage Therapy
  • Licensed in Craniosacral Therapy
  • Certified in Holistic Nutrition (AFPA)
  • Trauma Touch Therapy ™️
  • Healing Touch (Level 1)
  • Reiki (Level 1)
Liz Woodard-Gilbert

Liz is a 3rd generation classical Pilates instructor who joined the Vie family over 12 years ago. After many years teaching Barre Intensity, where movements are quick, reps are many, and music is loud, her interest expanded into Pilates. She was intrigued by the contrast where the movements are slower, controlled, specific, and challenging. She believes Pilates is a great compliment to any other training and beneficial in and of itself. A workout should be hard, restorative, and enjoyable. Leaving better than you came in.

Liz holds a certification in NY classical Pilates under the United States Pilates Association under Brett Howard and has practiced under many 2nd generation instructors such as Jen O’Mara, David Freeman, and others. Currently, Liz teaches Private sessions along with group classes in partnership with The Pilates Barn.

When she is not teaching, she’s working on projects in Interior Design and spending time with her husband Cory, their son Wes, and family and friends.


Michelle is a lifelong fitness fan! She participates in many different modes of fitness, including over a decade of Pilates experience as a client. Michelle has substantial personal history of navigating injuries and varying workouts accordingly. Michelle’s clients find her to be knowledgeable, encouraging and conscientious – tailoring each workout to her client’s unique needs. Prior to obtaining classical Pilates certification, she retired from a 27-year career in contract and compliance management for a large corporation. While not at The Pilates Barn, Michelle and her husband live on a grain farm in Chelsea and have a daughter at Grand Valley State University.


Katie discovered the benefits of Pilates at a young age as it helped her recover from injuries and complement her dance training. Pilates taught her so much that she was able to translate to her dancing and  her daily life, so becoming an instructor was never a question for her.

Katie loves sharing her passion for Pilates and improving her clients’ quality of life through
movement. She became certified through the classical 750-hour comprehensive Pure Body Teacher Training Program. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in Business Management from Point Park University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in
Movement Science at the University of Michigan.

Katie will forever be a student and continue her education to better people’s lives. She strongly advocates that Pilates is for every BODY and
enjoys working with any BODY from all backgrounds and abilities. While classically trained, her repertoire is adaptable to suit your needs.

Whatever your goals may be, Katie will eagerly help you enhance your well-being and move through life with ease.


Ghadi is a third-generation Classical Pilates instructor, certified in both Pilates mat and apparatus. She was trained by Simona Cipriani, herself second-generation Pilates instructor, at The Art of Control in Stamford, CT. 

Ghadi loves working with clients through both private sessions and small group classes, applying her knowledge of the Pilates system to help her clients get stronger, more flexible, and overall healthier. After going through pregnancy and childbirth, Ghadi experienced the benefits of Pilates through the pregnancy and postpartum stages, which renewed her interest in working with pregnant and postpartum women.

Ghadi continues to expand her knowledge of Pilates through conferences, workshops and working with other classical Pilates instructors. She believes that in order to be a great teacher, you must be forever a student.  

Why do I love teaching Pilates?

“My job is rewarding in the sense that it allows me to witness how my clients experience the great impact that small changes and positive habits can have on the quality of every aspect of their lives.”

Lauren Casanova Morris

Lauren has enjoyed fitness from her Florida childhood, swimming in the Atlantic and running on beaches, to soccer, track and cheer teams through high school back in Michigan. She attended The University of Michigan from 2001-2006 graduating from the school of Architecture and has called Ann Arbor her home ever since. She’s enjoyed running races, cycling and sprint triathlons, with her annual favorite: the M22. When she found Vie in 2008, it was a perfect match. No more sitting at a desk drawing up architectural plans (sorry mom and dad;). She loved being able to coach, instruct and move with clients and never looked back. Lauren is certified in ACSM Personal Training, NY Authentic/Classical Pilates under second generation instructor Brett Howard (who trained under Joseph Pilates’s apprentice Romana in NYC), Johnny G Spinning and Barre Intensity. She has trained clients with: hyper/hypo mobility, arthritis, joint replacements, post pregnancy issues, herniated discs and more. She enjoys watching confidence grow and sharing not just a fitness journey together but also lasting friendships. Lauren has a wonderful family: husband Mark (she met at Vie!), daughters Mila and Ruby and a furry son Bubba. They live on the northwest side of Ann Arbor. Book an intro session if you are looking to make fitness more prominent in your life, find an outlet to help de-stress, move more freely, feel stronger and learn more about yourself in the process. And most importantly, have fun and laugh!


  • USPA Certified Classical Pilates Instructor
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Spinning Instructor
  • Certified Barre Instructor
  • Certified ViPR Instructor
Caleb Brudi

Caleb’s focus is on corrective exercise and strength training, and he strives to educate each of his clients on their own personal fitness needs. By building a strong stable foundation, Caleb will help you become functionally fit and healthy.


  • B.S. in Exercise Science
  • NASM certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR & AED